Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And the blame lays with....( this is just an rant - not actually worth reading)

Spend all morning in court with the wayward son. It's very sad to watch this progression of destruction that he has created around his self.
What kills me is that I get blamed for the whole thing. I encouraged art, which lead to graffiti, which I also encouraged, which lead to getting high, which lead to selling drugs, which lead to being arrested. Yes that makes perfect sense to me. And when the 14 year gets drunk, yep same logic. Even though I never did drugs as a teenager, never got drunk as a teenager ( yes, I was a pretty standard straight A student - granted a bit odd and out of place - who never actually fitted in with any of the typical groups) Oh well.
The wheels of life continue to roll.
LOL If I were the depressed type of whining artist I would want to lay under that bus and just wait - but I would rather be driving the damn thing.

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