Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's up with this dog and my panties....

AHHHH not another pair. This is getting way out of hand. I realize that Cane Corso's are consider a 'thinking' breed but she has taken it to a new level. I walk in and she is pulling at my dresser drawer - the one where the panties are kept when they are not on me. I scream - she screams back at me and takes off - with panties in mouth. WOO HOO a game of chase has begun. 


  1. hahaha she has spunk! and you must smell good ! This is a very common game of many young dogs and they usually outgrown the joy of the pantie chase. Dogs do this for two reasons. She is either drawn by the smell (food instinct)or she is doing this for fun (play/chase instinct). She wants those panties out of the drawer and on the floor or where she can get them so you two can play this fun game she invented or so she can eat them. As a game, dogs learn what puts us into action or interacting with them ...dogs love action and interacting, especially young dogs and if they get bored then they will get us to spring into action so they can have some fun. In her mind, she has figured out you will have some fun with her over your panties. For you, this is not fun! If she is not running or trying to get you to to play with the panties then she only wants to eat them. Either way you can stop her by lightly bleaching all panties to remove odors but not color. Get a couple of old pairs of panties and spray or sprinkle some dog repellent or bitter apple on them. Set her up by placing the panties where she will come across them and become discouraged by the repellent. It is best if she finds the panties when you are not present or paying attention(so she thinks..wink) so she does not associate you with the panties. If she hears you talking to her when she has the panties then she could mistake the scolding as playing..some breeds play rough and scolding only sounds like play to them. Any noise or movement by you when she finds the panties could encourage her to get the panties again. For her to become inclined to leave all panties alone you will have to make the panties taste or smell bad or keep them totally out of her reach forever. Crushed Cheyenne pepper lightly sprinkled on panties works for extreme cases but be careful not to use to much which can burn the nose of the dog or your behind if you ever decide to wear the panties.

  2. Thanks there sis,
    She is a beast.
    The thought of Cheyenne pepper in my panties is sending goosebumps all over - and not in a good way!!
    Bleach on black..not a good thing either LOL I will just to learn to pick up after myself a little better and spray bitter apple on my dresser! And yes with her it is a game - She LOVES to play chase and she LOVES to play hard. I correct - she talks back I praise - she talks back even louder. Of course it doesn't help that everybody in the house says " Owww talk to me" whenever she talks back to them!
    I have gotten soft with my big old lazy mastiffs this one is giving me a run for my money!

  3. I do LOVE my new puppy along with the drool monster himself.