Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Breast cancer and WTF?

I have a friend who has inflammatory breast cancer. As cancer goes, it is not one to have. 
She is 31 - one of the most out going happiest people that I have ever met. She is not a close friend, Just somebody I met through these social networks we all know and love. We get along, we sit next to each other at functions and chat on FB - and because I had breast cancer a few years ago, we are somewhat bonded. If that makes any sense. 

When I had breast cancer I was LUCKY - a few cuts with a knife, 11 tumors out, a few months of chemo, radiation and and I am fine. The biggest part for me was my breast were/are so much smaller then before and I lost my hair. Well hair grows back and at least people are no longer speaking to my chest when they talk to me. 

My friend on the other hand is screwed. They can't operate, they can barely treat the pain and they tell her that her only real chance of survival is an experimental treatment at UCLA. Her insurance company won't cover it (thanks BlueCross BlueShield of MA) 
So I speak to my good friend Celia who happened to pull together this great fundraiser for someone who needed dental work. They came up with thousands of dollars for this surgery. My BC friend only needs 9000.00 .
 I speak to Celia who says "HELL YES, lets put together a hell of a bash - your friend with BC needs to give me 4-5 names of her closest friends and from they we can plan our first meeting" 
I relay that message and she says in between her tears " thank you for doing this for me" 
That was two weeks ago. 
So, you say " what is up with the WTF? in the headline? 

NONE of her friends will commit. NONE - her closest friend said " Why don't you just take out a loan" 
She asks another friend, a person that she has spent time with on different committees for this great city, someone that she has gone out drinking with, had over to her know, more of a friend then I could call myself. 
This person said " I'm too busy with all _________ and I am on the steering committee of_______ and the______project is taking up so much time....I really can't - you understand ? 
So now what? 

I think it is time to have a good old fashion barn raising. 

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